Unraveling the Emotional Source Code of 20 years in Afghanistan, Cults and Bad Boyfriends

The Last C17 aircraft lifted off from Hamid Karzai International airport at 3:39 PM (EDT) on August 30th, ending a nearly twenty-year occupation of Afghanistan. I’m sure that at that moment, mothers of both Americans and Afghans wept for their own valid reasons.

Regardless of which side of the aisle…

“If your reality is not my reality, which one of us is living in the Metaverse”?

When we encounter a situation that appears in some way similar to a previous one, both our nervous system and brain reference our emotional source code.

Traffic was lighter than he expected, and, on top of that, he had gotten the time mixed up. His time was 7:45, not 6:45. He was a full hour early. It was the first…

Communication skills are the bedrock of every great leader. Most outstanding leaders spend time and energy practicing both verbal and non-verbal communication. But there is one strategic communication tool that is often overlooked — the sound of silence.

Silence is a powerful communication strategy that can best be used by…


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