Are you Mature Enough to Have Your Own Friends?

Ask yourself this:

…I was thinking about this experience I had when I was a kid. When I was a kid, I had a grandfather, as some of you did too, I had a granddad and my grandfather was kind of infamous. He was a bit of a @*# and that would be putting it very nicely. And people say ‘oh, you shouldn’t talk that way about your grandparents or certainly about the dead. Because let’s face it, we are going to canonize the dead. If they’re dead they are instantly going to become saints.’ Well not true, sorry I don’t believe that crap. He was a nasty old grommet and he was pretty mean to most people. Although he was not that too bad with me. I think I had a better relationship with him than a lot of people did. However he was not a pleasant folk.

And he was very much that kind of leader, because he was the leader of the family, he was the patriarch. He was very much the kind of leader that is the dictatorial leader. He was the man’s man. He was like ‘I am the man, these are my rules, my house, my rules.’ There was no democracy. There was nothing even resembling democracy. He was simply boss and you were going to do as he decides.

I remember being out one day and playing with my mate Billy, who lived across the street. I think was 10, 11 because I believe with my grandparents for almost a year at that time. 10,11 years old and I’m out playing with Billy and we’re having a good ole time. And when we come in, and my grandfather has got one on. Meaning he’s in a pissy mood for whatever reason, not unusual.

Find out what he said to me by listening to the video:

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