Do You Have Leadership Certainty or Arrogance?

3 min readMar 2, 2017

#Leadership Certainty:

Do not confuse Arrogance for Certainty, or certainty for arrogance, they are vastly different things!

When we are “certain”, we know! Meaning we have done our objective research, we also have our subjective experience, and we have found that the two match.

However, getting to certainty means that during the objective research we have been willing to know what we didn’t know, even at the cost of what we had previously believed. When this is all said and done, we know that we know, and we do NOT need to convince anyone else.

An “Arrogant” person knows they are “right” and they are committed to prove others as wrong. (Sometimes the arrogant have even done some research, but again only with the intent of being right and making others wrong).

“There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance… It’s called humility. Confidence smiles. Arrogance smirks.” — Unknown

The truth is that the arrogant have very little certainty.However, those with great certainty are often labeled arrogant by the unsure.

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