Do You Have The Gonads To Lead?

Do You Have the Gonads to Lead?

She had a sparkle in her eye and deep admiration in her voice as she spoke. “You are so great. I wish I had what you have.”

As deeply grateful as I was for the compliment, I asked, “What does that mean?” The young lady who was telling me how great I am went on to say that she just doesn’t have that kind of greatness within her.

Leaning down slightly, I looked her straight in the eyes and asked, “Have you always been a liar?”

Clearly shocked and quite defensive she retorted, “I don’t lie!”

“Oh really? Then what do you call what you just said?”

She said that she wasn’t lying about what she said about me. I told her that the lie was what she said about herself.

Look I know this may come as a bit of a bombshell to you, but despite what you may have believed, greatness is not reserved for the few…

Greatness is available to all who are willing to claim it. Sadly, few have the gonads to take a stand and claim their own greatness.

‎”Real leaders are ‘freaks’ who found their unique value set and became passionate about sharing it.” ~Dov Baron

When you first step up and begin taking a stand, you may be seen as weird or a freak. Some people will tell you that you are getting too big for your boots and suggest that you should tone it down.

So let me ask you — Do you know what you stand for? Are you willing to stand and fight for it, even if no one understands?

The simple truth is it doesn’t matter if no one else believes; you must believe with all your heart, all your soul and all your might that you are here with a purpose. When you do this, all excuses including time, money and other people’s opinions immediately die!

To give it to you between the eyes —

Too far and too much are excuses we have all overcome when what we needed to do mattered more than the excuse we held! ~Dov Baron

Are you going to keep believing what others say is impossible? Or are you willing to be a Rosa Parks, Thomas Edison, a Guglielmo Marconi, a Werner Heisenberg, a Roger Bannister, a Wright brother about what it is that you came here to do?

“With a single shift from ‘impossible’ to ‘I’m Possible’ people do what others consider impossible everyday. Avoid believing other peoples’ limitations.” ~Dov Baron

Is where you are where you want to be? Is where you are where you see yourself continuing to be? Or are you brave enough, enough of a leader to dream a bigger dream of your reality and act upon it with the faith, power and sweat to make it happen? Do you love life enough to want even more of it? Or are you just looking to ease the pain of where you are now?

Seriously, put some thought into this. What are you waiting for? Nothing and no one is coming to rescue you. Those who know the sweet nectar of true success understand that it was worth the effort, even in the moments where they wanted to quit. While others are complaining, the true leader is finding better ways and working at becoming better with those better ways.

Do you want your relationships, your work, your life to matter? I believe that you have a responsibility to make not only your life better, but also the lives of those you touch.

“You did not get your dreams by accident; they are your soul crying out for expression.” ~Dov Baron

Take care of your dreams; protect them for they are sacred. Remember that those who have given up on their dreams cannot fully support you in yours. They will tell you it can’t be done because they did not have the courage to do it themselves.

So instead of wishful thinking or running excuses about why it can’t be done, RIGHT NOW recall a moment in your own history or the history of someone you know when you saw the impossible occur! Put your focus there, because it will help you understand that what you once believed to be impossible is, in fact, possible.

I have to say it is one of the great blessings of my life to see folks crush their fears and limitation so that they can fly to their dreams.

Why does all this matter?

Because when you understand that when you lead from a place of your own center


I trust that you found this article valuable. If so feel free to send this to your friends. I eagerly anticipate your feedback and comments.

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With gratitude,
Dov Baron…

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Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Top30 Global Leadership Guru, Inc #1 Podcast for Fortune 500 Executives, The Worlds Leading Meaning Authority

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