Don’t Kill The .1%… If You Wait They’ll Do It Themselves!

If money could actually make us happy then why is it that:

“Among the extremely wealthy, suicide was the cause of 23.6 percent of their deaths between 2008 and 2010. Suicide among millionaires and billionaires […] is a social problem, which shows more people cannot cope with the pressure they feel to maintain their wealth after they’ve become successful,” said Hu of Fudan University.

Did you know, suicide rates are higher among the wealthiest nations?

You know how… the more successful we become the more pressure there is to uphold an image of what we are “supposed” to be…

Then you also probably know… The more successful people become the easier it is to feel like there are less and less people you can trust with your own problems and challenges?

The main problem is: That we might think because we have become successful we’ve figured it all out… The biggest challenge with that is that as we become increasingly successful it’s easy to also become increasingly cynical too.

Then the more cynical you become the easier it is to say; “it’s obviously not me, look at how successful I am, clearly it’s the world, or other people that are all screwed up”.

And of course, that in turn simply deepens that sinking feeling that there’s something missing! The truth is that most of us hit a crisis point in our careers (and lives) when the old way of doing things simply stops working.

We all know… That any idea of support is often dismissed as either therapy or new age B.S, and that belief in turn strengthen the sense of isolation.

All this is fine for those who want to continue living that lying while justifying their own misery.

The successful person with high intellect and emotional intelligence is not only smart enough, but actually strong enough to put up their hand. (Those are the people I work with!)

Which one are you? Let me know!

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