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“Host Tony Durso — Host of The Spotlight. Amazon Bestselling Author with four books primarily in sales & marketing, and one nonfiction saga. Tony also hosts Revenue Chat, the popular podcast interviewing Successful Entrepreneurs. More info on Tony is at VIP Co-Host Maura Sweeney — This week’s Special VIP Co-Host. Maura is the Ambassador of Happiness and was featured in the debut Spotlight episode. More info on Maura is at Featured Guest Dov Baron — The Spotlight focuses on Renowned Leadership Speaker, Dov Baron. More about Dov is in the Featured Guest section below. TKO Tip of The Week Peter Mehit — A cameo appearance by Business Plan Master, Peter Mehit.

Listen to the interview now:

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Dov Baron is first and foremost “The Dragonist”. As The Dragonist, he teaches us how to recognize, find, retain and nurture dragons (top talent) hidden within our organizations.

Want to learn more about what Dov has to offer, and how you too can become a Dragonist in your realm? If you and your leadership team are dedicated to getting the result you set out to achieve in the most meaningful manner, bring Dov in to speak to your organization about the strategic advantages of Dragon Leadership. Go here to get started.

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