Leadership Development: The Sum is Greater Than The Parts!

3 min readMar 9, 2017

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times…”When will I get there?”

Let’s get clear!

Personal development and for that matter Leadership Development are about progress and Not the destination. But there again, you’re probably sick of hearing that too.

Picture this: You and I dismantle an engine into a thousand different pieces. Now I ask you to show me the one single part that on its own represents that engines speed. You will not be able to do it. Here’s why: What we will have is the “possibility” of speed in the parts, rather than the actuality of speed in the collective.

This is because the separated parts do not equal the whole. It is the collective relationship between parts that makes an engine work. Your Personal development and Leadership development are the same. It’s both the collective parts and the interaction between those parts that brings your life, your business, your relationship and your leadership into the synergy that makes these things work better.

(This is why gathering Personal/Leadership Development knowledge without disciplined application will do nothing to improve your life)

Once you truly grasp this this you will be freed from an endless search for the magic bullet, that one piece of learning that will change it all. Growth, change and genuine development are the sum total of your traits, abilities or and desired characteristics put into application in real world situations.

Respect Yourself By Applying What You’ve learned!

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