Leadership, Sex and Donuts

3 min readFeb 26, 2017


Leadership, Sex, Self Honouring and Resisting The Donut!

If you have ever been on a diet, you know how hard it can be, particularly when you are really hungry or struggling in some way to resist that favorite food (whatever it is). However, what is “favorite food”?

Just for a moment think about it…it’s not something you just eat when you are hungry it is something you likely eat to sooth or comfort yourself.

The question is can you choose to resist even when you are in need of comfort, or when you are feeling low, demotivated or out on your own?

Guess what: It is the same with sex, relationships, hiring and leading!

People say things like; “I am going to clean up my emotional state and deal with my relationship stuff. I know I have to stay out of relationship for at least ‘X’ period of time”. But then when they are feeling a little lonely someone comes along who pays them attention. Someone with nice eyes, nice ass(ets) etc and they go for the donut.

The Question is: Can you actually keep the commitment you made to yourself?

If not, why would any team member or potential partner believe you can keep your commitment to them?

It’s exactly the same when it comes to leading a team. All to often we fall in the trap of feeling desperate and in a knee jerk response we reach out and grab the donut (the next most convenient person). As a result the rest of your team can end up feeling like you have abandoned the integrity of the group, them and even yourself.

So, stop for a moment and be honest: Do you abandon yourself or your team at the first sign of something that could ease the pain?

If you do, then why wouldn’t a partner or a team member believe that you wouldn’t abandon them, the culture or even core purpose of the work at the first sign of pain?

Real relationship personal and professional take both work and courage, agree?

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