Next-Gen Evolving into Authentic Leadership: From Knight to Monarch

One of the Live Strategy Session Speaking Topics Dov Offers:

Simply being born into a position of authority no longer guarantees that people will willingly follow you (if it ever did!) Today there is a deep-rooted and ever-growing dissatisfaction with leaders who appear to be entitled and who act self-serving. While no one can change the circumstances of family roots, it is possible and necessary to evolve the culture into a new model of leadership. A model that not only stewards the family legacy but also integrates it into the necessities of being a contemporary leader. Leadership that include being grounded, empathetic, compassionate, passionate, purpose-driven and sincerely authentic.

Such an evolution is no longer just an option. Business today exists within a global realm and requires a new kind of greatness that both embraces and fully utilize that global aspect. But how do leaders find, embrace, and develop that greatness so that they can become the eminent business “monarchs” the world needs?

In this interactive presentation, Dov walks each of the participants through the internal journey of “From Knight to King” that demonstrates the integration of authentic leadership by giving penetrating insight into the four types of knights who are on the path to becoming king (or queen). Each of the knights demonstrates an aspect of a leader that can become dominant and overpowering. The key to effective leadership evolution is to recognize and integrate each of these Knights into the King (or queen).

  • Red Knight: In its darkness, the Red Knight is characterized by an overtly angry disposition creating the sense that this person could blow up at any moment. In the light however, a Red Knight is passionate and driven.
  • White Knight: In its darkness, the White Knight is characterized by the need to rescue (save) others at the cost of self-care and the greater good. In the light, a White Knight is deeply empathetic and compassionate.
  • Green Knight: In its darkness, the Green Knight is characterized by the all-encompassing need to save something immense: the planet, the rainforest, the dolphins etc. This leaves the Green Knight frustrated and impotent. However, in the light, a Green Knight is driven by purpose and legacy.
  • Black Knight: In its darkness, the Black Knight is characterized by the need to withdraw and can seem brooding, dark, even depressed. In the light, a Black Knight has great self-knowledge and wisdom and is able to remain on task without the insatiable pull for approval.

The journey to becoming a great leader/monarch is both an external and an internal one. Externally being in a position of power doesn’t assure that a person is ready to fully own the power bestowed and the results can be far-reaching and chaotic.

How does next-gen leadership become not just worthy, but truly ready to own the worthiness of their position? By embracing the journey from Knight to King, in a way that enables them to assess where they are now, where they would ideally like to be and to create the path that will get them there, both in and outside of the family business and legacy.

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