Perception is 9/10 of Reality

2 min readSep 13, 2021


Traffic was lighter than he expected, and, on top of that, he had gotten the time mixed up. His time was 7:45, not 6:45. He was a full hour early. It was the first date, and he knew he should have waited to order, but he hadn’t eaten all day, and he was ravenous. A little appetizer of chicken wings couldn’t hurt.

About 45 minutes later, she walked in, and he was instantly taken by her beauty. As she sat down, he felt an instant connection. Within a few minutes, they were laughing together. “Oh my God, she might be the one” was the crazy thought in his head. She said something, and they both burst out laughing. They hadn’t even noticed the server had returned to the table. “Are you finished with the wings?” the server asked. He looked up at his dream girl. “I’m sorry, I was starving, I hadn’t eaten in…,” he began. With what could only be described as a combination of rage and disgust on her face, she pointed at the plate. “Wings? Wings? Did you even bother to read my profile? How could you? Meat is murder! We are done here.”

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Why is it that exactly the same thing can have completely different meanings to any number of people?

For example: Sarah Silverman hysterically funny liberated comedian or feminist hack?

Too controversial? How about:

Roller coasters: Fun or terrifying?

Marriage: Prison or partnership?

Money: Freedom or the root of all evil.

Bread: Delicious or poisonous?

A rare steak: Mouth-watering or disgusting?

Chicken wings: Appetizer or Appalling?

Are these things just a matter of taste (literally or figuratively), or is something far more neurologically interesting going on?

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