Sometimes it’s Important To Look Back!

2 min readMar 8, 2017


In that moment the climb seemed never ending. Exhausted I looked up toward the top of the mountain, a wave of disillusionment washer over me. My mind was screaming; why does the top never seemed to get any closer?

My friend and mentor Maggid clearly felt my frustration he called out to me saying: “Turn around, look at how far I had traveled.” Instantly I stopped and was struck by the realization that the place from where I had begun my journey was now almost invisible.

Maggid reminded me, that as we journey along the way to our lofty goals we must all stop and appreciate the view, if only to recognize how far we have come.

Whether traveling out into the world or internally into your own heart and soul, you must know this: No great journey can afford the complacency of “this will do”. Complacency will consume your dreams like a ravenous beast at a feast. However, you must also know that it is also impossible to keep faith in your quest if you do not take time to honour the path you are on, and the heroism of yourself as the traveler.

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