The Courage to Be Great

2 min readNov 21, 2017

Actualized Leadership is about constantly evolving into a deeper version of yourself, in spite of your desire to stay the same!

Are You As Courageous as a Caterpillar?

There is a calling within the lowly crawling caterpillar to be a beautiful butterfly that will travel on the breeze and transform a landscape. However, that calling requires this caterpillar to be willing not only to face, but facilitate complete animation to do so.

Imagine the moment where the caterpillar is pulling the last strand of silky thread around itself. It does what it must do, even if it does not know what will happen. The caterpillar has to trust that a metamorphosis awaits on the other side of what likely feels like death.

There is within you a calling… It is the calling of your own greatness. However, just as the caterpillar can be both caterpillar and butterfly, we cannot embody our own greatness while remaining who we have been.

Do you have the courage to step into your greatness? To become an Actualized Leader?

I trust that you found this article valuable, if so feel free to send this to your friends. I eagerly anticipate your feedback and comments. Please “like,” “share”, and comment below!

I trust that you found this article valuable. If so feel free to send this to your friends. I eagerly anticipate your feedback and comments.

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