What It Means to Be A Leader… As A Man

For #Leadership to evolve we must face the limitations of our own conditioning.


I am a feminist…I like the Dali Lama believe the world will be transformed by the next generation of women.

However, I want to say this: I Believe In Men!

I believe that men are in truth deeply caring, loving and compassionate. I believe that men are every bit as nurturing and intuitive as women.

This is NOT gay or straight; this is our very nature!

Let me clarify: I do NOT believe in the conditioning of men!Men have been trained for generations to believe that we are emotionally incapable, and sadly men in general have gone along with this, and I believe that is total nonsense!

However, it should be noted that all this is what I believe, it is my truth, not ‘the truth”.

Nonetheless, I hold it as true because; I believe in men. And when I die one of the things I pray people will say about me is that I was more than a leader, a speaker, an author or any other official title, I hope that they will say “I was a father to men”

Thank you for listening to my #TransparentMoment

Real leadership, most of all authentic leadership requires that we break through the conditioning we have taken on as true.

P.S. If you believe this is an important message feel free to share!

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