What’s Your Emotional Footprint?

3 min readMar 9, 2017

Every interaction is an opportunity to engage, empower, and inspire or distance, disempower and disenfranchise those around you.

Ecologist talk about our need for greater awareness with regard to our carbon footprint. However, we must also pay attention to our Emotional Footprint.

In physics there is a principle that states: “Every contact leaves a trace,” consider that to also be true for you as a leader dealing with your team, and your customers.

I put it to you that as much as we must recognize leadership is about experience, specific knowledge and certain skills sets, we often forget that leadership is at its roots is about leading people! Therefore Leadership is by it’s very nature is all about relationship and relationship skills.

In today’s workplace, particularly when dealing with Millennials, a leader is faced with the challenge of an ever faster migrating talent pool. What this means for you as a leader is that every interaction you have with your team or anyone in your organization, is having impact. Further more each and everyone of those interactions is either building or eroding loyalty. To be clear; it doesn’t matter whether that interaction is direct or indirect; verbal, written, or even through non-verbal mannerisms, every interaction make an impression, leaving your emotional footprint.

Therefore as Authentic (Full Monty) leaders we must have the emotional intelligence to understand that every interaction sits on the fulcrum between two possibilities. On one side the leader is nurturing any given relationship, thus eliminating the obstructions to progress, reinforcing trust and loyalty or, creating obstacles and eating away at whatever trust has been established.

The fact is: You and I are leaving an emotional footprint. The question is; will it be one that eats away at the ecology of our corporate culture or one the nurtures that culture and allows everyone in it to grow and flourish?

My suggestion: Be intentional about making every interaction one that fertilizes the ground with emotional safety, because emotional safety gives birth to fierce loyalty and it’s where innovation grows.

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