Why They’ll Never Appreciate The Value You Offer!

3 min readFeb 24, 2017


Warning: This one’s a bit of a reality check: Here’s Why They’ll Never Appreciate The Value You Offer. Because this one doesn’t pull any punches it may piss off a few folks. If you like your ego stroked, I suggest that you stop reading right now.


Let me be clear, you as a human being have intrinsic value, and truth be told, very few people give a crap about your intrinsic value. Like it or not, admit it or not, the truth is we all have ‘needs’, and we assign value to the those who can meet those needs, (not on intrinsic value).

Therefore your perceived value is determined by the size and or the urgency of the need(s) you meet.

I’ll be really honest with you: This is something I found myself struggling with for years, and I’ll tell you… you just don’t need to!

If you find yourself saying: They just don’t appreciate the value I offer”You’re right; they don’t! AND IT’S YOUR FAULT!

If that statement (or something similar) bashes around your brain like a manic pinball every time you make a presentation, you better know this: It’s time to ask yourself a better question, one that goes specifically like this: What need do I actually meet… (and here’s the tricky part) that they ‘want’ met? (and not what you think they “should” want met)

If you don’t know the answer, (and let’s presume you really don’t) start asking everyone who knows you, and what it is that you do, that very question,”What need do I actually meet?”

Here’s the shocker if you have indeed found yourself saying: “They just don’t appreciate the value I offer” When you ask those who have experienced what you offer:”What need do I actually meet?” make sure that you shut up and listen.

You may not agree with the general consensus, but here’s the fact: YOU ARE WRONG!

How do I know: I was you! Ask enough people who’ve experienced what you offer and their answers could change the course of your life.

I trust that you found this article valuable.

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